The New Mazda CX-9 | Features and Performance

Get Unrivaled Performance In The Mazda CX-9 | For Sale In Fargo


The Mazda CX-9 is a midsize SUV that offers a truly enjoyable driving experience with outstanding performance. It has an upscale interior with plenty of features and strong fundamentals. Like other Mazda vehicles, the CX-9 places a premium on performance, and it combines a lot of interior space with the fun of driving a car that has a lot of power and tight handling. There isn't anything else quite like it on the road. On this page you can learn more about the new Mazda CX-9.


All new CX-9 models ship with the same powertrain, and fortunately it is excellent. It is a turbocharged four-cylinder, which delivers 227 horsepower. If you use premium fuel, you can get up to 250 horsepower, which represents a significant step up in power. Although premium gas costs more, the CX-9 is also highly fuel efficient. It gets an EPA-estimated 28 MPG on highways and 22 MPG on city roads. That is better than just about every other SUV of this size, so you will have plenty of room in the budget to spring for the better gas and really take care of the engine.

In terms of handling, the CX-9 is sporty, responsive, and really fun. It handles like a car would, and that's quite impressive for an SUV with three rows. It's practical, too, because it means you don't have to worry about keeping it under control as you park or moving through traffic at highway speeds. You're unlikely to find another vehicle that can put out this kind of power but still have the size of a family SUV.


The CX-9 has premium interior quality that puts this midsize SUV into the luxury realm. It uses the same quality of materials as a luxury model, so it's quite comfortable and feels indulgent as you drive around the Grand Forks area. The CX-9 starts with cloth upholstery and you can upgrade that to leather and other materials depending on which trim you choose. The same goes for other interior elements, such as the touchscreen, the sound system, and seating features, and more. The vehicle has a lot of luxury elements in its base trim, but it only gets better as you move up the quality ladder to the upper trims.

Mazda CX-9 Trim Level Options

  • The Sport trim has a great selection of features, from the huge 10.3- inch touchscreen and Wi-Fi to smartphone connectivity. Many of these features are restricted to top trims on other SUVs.
  • The Touring has more USB ports, leather trimming, seating upgrades, and a new set of options.
  • The Carbon Edition includes the options from the Touring, plus more seating upgrades like ventilation, some more automated safety, and more tech features.
  • The Grand Touring is similar to the Carbon. It uses a bench instead of captain's chairs in the second row, but also has some extra tech that the Carbon does not have, like traffic sign recognition.
  • The Signature trim has all the works, like Nappa leather, wood, aluminum, and other luxury touches. It is the most upscale model of CX-9.

Test Drive The Mazda CX-9 Near Hillsboro

The CX-9 gives you a ton of value for money. No other three-row SUV can combine the outstanding performance with the interior quality at this price. Try to set up a tour and a test drive so that you can get your hands on a CX-9 and experience it for yourself, because there is no better way to really get a feel for this impressive vehicle. The CX-9 perfectly walks the line between practical and fun without placing it beyond the financial reach of a family.